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The FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test is a 2-Hour 60 question exam which must be undertaken in-person at an approved FAA Knowledge Testing Center by anyone wishing to obtain a commercial sUAS / drone certification.

The test covers many concepts specific to aviation and sUAS operation which require prior study, attempting the test without prior preparation will ultimately lead to a fail. This online course’s objective is to prepare you to pass the FAA Part 107 test.

The comprehensive curriculum was created using all knowledge concepts that the FAA requires drone pilots to learn.

Test questions are provided for you to practice on, every step of the way. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson, at the end of each module, and a practice exam.

When you register for the Part 107 Preparation Course, you get:

  • Online course available 24/7 on your computer, tablet and smartphone
  • 45+ lessons covering all knowledge areas, that cater to multiple learning styles
  • Coverage of the FAA’s knowledge concepts as required for the Part 107 requirements
  • Practice quizzes to test your understanding of the concepts along the way
  • Practice test which prepares you for the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test
  • Downloadable, printable PDFs of course material so you can study offline
  • Self-paced curriculum that gives you control to view lectures as many times as you want


Course Study e-Guides included FREE:
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airman-knowledge-testing       chart-guide


Course Curriculum:

Section 1Introduction: Course Overview
Lecture 1Course Overview
Lecture 2Course Reference Materials
Section 2Small UAS Characteristics and Requirements
Lecture 3Introduction
Lecture 4Small UAS Characteristics and Requirements
Lecture 5Model Aircraft and Other Exclusions
Lecture 6Registration of Small UAS / Drones
Section 3Remote Pilot in Command Responsibilities
Lecture 7Introduction
Lecture 8Defined Crew Roles in a Team Environment
Lecture 9Remote Pilot in Command
Lecture 10Supporting Crew Roles: Person Manipulating the Controls
Lecture 11Situational Awareness and Decision Making
Lecture 12Crew Resource Management
Lecture 13Summary
Section Quiz
Section 4Small UAS: Preflight Considerations
Lecture 14Introduction
Lecture 15Maintenance Requirements
Lecture 16Performing Maintenance
Lecture 17Pre-Flight Inspections
Lecture 18Operating Environment
Lecture 19Record Keeping
Lecture 20Loading and Performance
Lecture 21Loading Considerations
Lecture 22Determining Performance
Lecture 23Effects of Weather on Performance
Lecture 24Summary
Section Quiz
Section 5Aviation Weather
Lecture 25Introduction to Aviation Weather
Lecture 26Reading a METAR
Section Quiz
Section 6Airspace Classifications
Lecture 27Introduction
Lecture 28Controlled Airspace
Lecture 29Uncontrolled Airspace
Lecture 30Other Airspace Areas
Section 7Sectional Chart Reading
Lecture 31Sectional Chart Introduction
Lecture 32Interpreting Sectional Charts
Lecture 33Latitude and Longitude
Lecture 34Airspace Classification Markings
Lecture 35Airspace Class Details
Section Quiz
Section 8Small UAS Operating Rules
Lecture 36Introduction
Lecture 37Daylight Only Operations
Lecture 38Visual Line of Sight
Lecture 39Operating Limitations for Small Unmanned Aircraft
Lecture 40Operation in Certain Airspace
Lecture 41Obtaining Airspace Authorizations
Lecture 42Frequency Spectrum
Lecture 43Operation Over People
Lecture 44Operation from Moving Vehicles or Aircraft
Lecture 45Privacy & Impairment
Lecture 46Certificates of Waiver
Lecture 47Summary
Section Quiz
Section 9Abnormal and Emergency Situations
Lecture 48Introduction
Lecture 49Emergency Planning and Communication
Lecture 50Contingency Planning
Lecture 51Risk of Battery Fires
Lecture 52Accident Reporting
Section Quiz
Section 10Final Notes
Final Quiz